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Google Ads Management

Our certified team has twelve years of paid search management experience with companies and budgets both large and small. Our team has managed companies with less than $500 advertising budgets and a Fortune 1000 publicly held company with a combined monthly budget of 50k. No matter the size of your budget our team follows the same starting process for all our clients.

1. The first step in the process is to learn what your goals are for the campaigns.
2. Next, we do a deep dive audit on your account (if existing) to determine what needs to be done to help you achieve those goals.
3. After that keyword research and competitor analysis are completed to learn more about the target market and what your competitors are bidding on.
4. We take what we have learned, review it with you to decide on what keywords/placements/audiences we should target.
5. When it has been agreed as to what we will be starting out with we then start building out the new campaigns.
6. Before we launch we make sure we have proper tracking in place. This includes Adwords conversion tracking or Analytics goals and having all of our KPI’s mapped out.

Below are our Google Ads Certifications

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