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What is a chatbot?

And how can it help my online marketing efforts?

A chatbot bot is a form of AI (artificial intelligence) that can help you engage your website visitors or FB page visitors in a way that is user-friendly. However, chatbots are only as intelligent as you make them. The more questions that can be answered by the bot automatically by using trigger keywords and suggested answers the better. Below we will take a deep dive into chatbot mapping and creation based on what we have learned by creating chatbots for our clients.

We also have a What is a Chatbot infographic you can download and share as well.











Below is a short video of some examples in action. Try to keep up with the bouncing yellow ball and read the chatbot responses as they happen. You may want to mute your speakers so you do not have to listen to all the dings.


Below are some practical business examples. The possibilities are endless!

If you are visiting us on a mobile device rotate your screen to horizontal and maximize the video to fit the screen.

Order A Pizza (restaurant)

Show Listings (real estate)

Shop Electronics (e-commerce)

Offer A Contest Bot

Book An Appointment (salon)

Event Registration Bot

Ready To Get Started?

What do we charge for chatbot creation and management? It really depends on how dynamic you want your bot to be. We can build the bot as advanced as you would like it. With webhooks and Zapier we can make the bot collect contact information to be handed off to other programs such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Salesforce to name just a few.

Starting out we are requiring a minimum of 5 hours of creation and 2.5 hours of monthly management per month. Once we meet a threshold this pricing will increase.

Head over to our Chatbot Request Form and tell us how you would like your bot built. Your first 30 minutes of consultation is on us!

Monthly Management Options and Hourly Fees





























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