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Call Tracking Metrics

It’s the beginning of the month! At the start of every month, reports are compiled for the previous month. This post will highlight one of the neatest features included in our monthly reports. Have you ever wondered what makes potential customers call your business? Maybe you have asked, “Why is the phone ringing?” Or maybe you are just happy that the phone is ringing!

Nevertheless, our call tracking metrics included in every monthly report explain in detail what is making your phone ring. These metrics include features that track the ad, landing page, and even the specific search keyword used that lead to that phone call. Consistent call tracking metrics such as these provide priceless data that we use to optimize ads, keywords, and offer landing page suggestions. Another new feature includes the ability to analyze conversations. A screening of call transcripts allows for the discovery of keywords from potential customers. What better way to find keywords than straight from the consumer who types them in?

The use of call tracking metrics to optimize your accounts ads, keywords, location targeting, among other things is critical to ensuring our clients receive the highest return on investment (ROI) and quality score. Which ensures satisfaction for your business and your customers. Curious as to what call tracking metrics can do for your business? Sign up for a free audit today!

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