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Did you sing the title? I totally did. Kool and the Gang will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day now. Anyways, here at Internet Market Services Inc (IMSinc), we are celebrating our newest recognition from Google! Our company has been a Google Partner for many years now that is nothing new. What is new and the reason for celebrating is our new Google Partner Premier status!

What’s a Google Partner? Google Partners are companies that have earned their badge. This badge is awarded to select businesses that have specialized in one or more AdWords product areas. These product areas include search advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising (youtube), display advertising, and shopping advertising. These companies must also meet a 90 Day ad spend requirement of 10,000. In addition, the companies must meet a performance requirement by delivering solid growth and ad revenue. These companies maintain and grow their customer base in order to keep their Google Partner status.

Now, what’s a Google Premier Partner? A Premier Partner is one of the few select Google Partners that have gone above and beyond their partner status. In order to be a premier partner, a company must have at least two individuals AdWords certified. At IMSinc. we have three dedicated certified professionals. Google Premier Partners must also maintain a higher spend and performance requirement. These attributes display healthy growth within the company.

As you can see, well read, hard work pays off!

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