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Our Beginnings

First things first, hello from all of us at Internet Marketing Services Inc. Of course, we did not start as a team and not as Internet Marketing Services Inc. The start began with our founder, Craig Belcher. The past twelve years have been consumed with all things Google AdWords. The nine years before that started with a B2B affiliate program SAAS solution which helped businesses create partnerships easily and pay for referrals by click, by lead, or a commission on a sale. Craig sold that business in 2005 and took a year off to discover the next BIG demand. He found as you can tell that the demand was AdWords. He started offering management services and has been offering it ever since.

In 2005, I was nine years old. Ever since I can remember my dad, founder – Craig Belcher, has worked from home. Which is nestled in beautiful East Tennessee, where my father has witnessed my sisters and I grow into adults. In 2014, I graduated high school and attended Tennessee Wesleyan University in the fall. At Tennesee Wesleyan, I struggled to find a career that made sense for my life and my goals. I changed my degree approximately three times from psychology and criminal justice, biology pre-med, and finally settled into biology education. While at Wesleyan, I began working for my father part-time to aid the broke college student life. During my senior year at Wesleyan, I realized I did not want to teach. Wait, what? I attended a university for four years and did not want to use my degree. Does it sound scary? If not, well let me inform you it was. I realized, better late than never, that I wanted to live a life I had watched my father has lived for the majority of my life.

This is how Internet Marketing Services Inc. began. What started as a one-person business has grown into a three-person team with the addition of paid search specialist, Sean Durm, who studies business at Tennesee Wesleyan University. Our team of certified professionals is passionate about helping your company find their target audience on AdWords, Social Media, and Amazon Marketing platforms through a cost-effective and disciplined management approach.

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